Jasmene fills Millie’s yearning to be seen and to be loved for who she is...
— Casey Sullivan, Chicago Sun Times
Alexia Jasmene...brings an obvious authenticity
— Bradenton Times

'TransScripts' brings lives of transgender women into the light.- Windy City Times 11-13-18

Alexia Jasmene, who plays Sandra, feels that the show highlights the incredible variety in the trans community. She wants audiences to understand that "there's not one way to be trans, that we are a newly forming community that disagrees vastly on almost everything, that there are as many ways to be trans as there are ways to be human, that we are human, we are women, men, and folks, and we are beautiful. And that trans is beautiful.

"Due to trans voices finally being heard, people can see just how insanely diverse we are, as well as our struggles, and yet how that very difference is what makes us the same. We just want to be seen and loved just like all of humanity," Jasmene said.

I thought Alexia Jasmene...exceptionally moving in the scene where it matters the most
— Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune


Alexia Jasmene returns to Chicago! Catch her around the city doing stand-up, reading her poetry, and performing music.