Seen- Alexia Jasmene


By: Alexia Jasmene




What is this feeling of being grounded with a look?

For one who’s been frantic for so long,

This peace is foreign, 

This peace is new,

This peace is, nice…

I feel at ease in the shimmers of your soul when you see me.

It soothes my heart and calms my mind.

I feel like a leaf floating down the stream on a new adventure

Just waiting to see where the flow goes.

I feel grounded in my womanhood, in my personhood for my right to exist

To have space for myself and others that seems to never end.

I feel sore, getting used to this joy for a heart that’s known so much pain,

But feel my progress when I allow myself to be moved by my breath.

I feel enough and beautiful and precious when I gaze into your eyes,

Sea foam green to an icy sky blue that delights.

I feel melted when you smile and even more when I’m the cause,

Because I am creating happiness, in a lovely duet of a song.

I feel seen, I guess is what I’m trying to say,

And you inspire me to work on seeing you and others everyday. 

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