Reflections lyrics-Alexia Jasmene

Verse 1

I walk alone

Surrounded by

The silence of my thoughts


Feeling the stares inside

As I traverse

My own despair


Always wearing a face

That changes with

Every passing day


Hoping the day will come

When my own face

Is something I won’t shun



Look I’ve had enough

Of hiding behind all of

These various masks


I am choosing to look

At my reflection

And embrace all my past


As seasons change

I feel awake

For the first time

I am free just to be


My heart is racing

As I begin to realize

That I’ve got nothing to hide



Nothing inside of me

Is holding onto

The things I used to be


It has melted away

With the warmth

Of my inner rays


I can see myself

In the puddle

Of my melted shame


And I have to say

I’ve never seen a

Better day





I am like the wind

Blowing free among the earth and sky


I embrace my past

I embrace myself and I feel like I can fly