Say...-By Alexia Jasmene

I guess I just wanted to say…


And though you weren’t always the most supportive,

I still want you to know…

That I am grateful for the support you did give.

I’ll always remember those nights when you supported my doubts,

Comforted my sorrows and held me when I cried.

You allowed room for me to breathe,

To hide in comfort when reality was just too real.

That time you fostered dreams that helped me let it out,

To face my traumas and in terror heal.

To grow and shrink with each passing week.

And that time my body hurt and you seemed to give me relief.

Tonight might be the last night our touch meets…

But even if it’s not,

I just want you to know,

That I will always be gracious for the support you could give.

I’ll always keep a place for you in my heart…

My bed.